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Ontworpen door Serif

Prof. dr. P. Vyncke: ad processing, especially cue-management from the perspective of evolutionary psychology and semiotics.


Prof. dr. V. Cauberghe: communication management in general and the use of new communication technologies in particular.


Prof. dr. G. Verleye: market research, especially segmentation studies and the use of new technologies.


Prof.dr. L. De Marez: market research, especially segmentation studies, the use of new technologies and innovation management.


L. Hudders: luxury branding and consumption.


K. Berte: ad avoidance and the opportunities of new communication technologies within that context.


I Stevens: risk and crisis communication, market research.


D. Grammens: ad processing, eye-tracking research and cue-management.


K. Panic: the use of new media in social marketing.



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